Attitude for Success! Proven Tools for Building or Maintaining a Great Attitude On-Demand Video Course



Attitude for Success! Training On-Demand

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Overview: Today more than ever employers tell us that a good attitude is the number one thing they look (beyond skills) for when adding new staff.

Goal: This course equips participants with tools to build or maintain a winning attitude both at work and at home. Participants will learn practical steps/approaches to improve self-management skills, effectiveness with others, also ways to improve service and fulfillment in the workplace.

Who should attend All team members or leaders who want to build or maintain a good attitude.

Upon completion of this course, the learner will be able to:

  • Assess attitudinal strengths
  • Compare benefits that help motivate us to build or maintain our own great attitude
  • Identify factors that help shape and effect great attitudes
  • Explain the impact attitude has on thinking, feeling, behaving and interacting with others
  • Discuss proven formats to help reinforce and improve responses/attitudes
  • Explore areas where you can gain greater control and reduce stress
  • List ways to make positive changes happen
  • Create or refine a personal mission statement to support enthusiasm and a healthy future outlook
  • Draft a goal and plan with practical action steps to improve their attitude over time


 “Great training! Kept me engaged.”

“Will help me create a more positive atmosphere for my team.”

“Many could use this training!”

The information can be used in any department.

Gained useful tools to help me improve my attitude

Techniques and templates will help me to have a great attitude and more helpful to my team members

Learned ways to improve my relationships with co-workers.

I gained tools for goal setting and helping create/maintain a positive work environment

This training is helpful both personally and professionally.  Any willing participants will benefit.

Course is practical, inspirational and motivating

The four modules (30 minutes or less) can be taken once a week for four weeks or sooner and includes a helpful reference workbook PDF. Purchase one four-part series for an individual or get a group license. The modules and quiz will be accessible for 90 days after purchase.